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LIBRA. Basics and 5 key traits

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Libra is a masculine cardinal air sign. The ruling planet is Venus, which is associated with love, beauty, art. As a result, Libra is artistic, values harmony, is diplomatic.

Libra is the sign of partnership and marriage and is happiest when functioning within a union. With the Sun in Libra, individual is an attentive listener and makes others feel important.

If you are Libra, you may be charming, elegant, and you love beautiful and luxurious surroundings. You wish to be complimented and you may judge others by outward appearance. Additionally, your energies are focused on melding and combining with other people, you don’t like to be lonely. For instance, you are always a team player at work. Similarly, you seek peace at any price and you tend to avoid friction and arguments.

You are a born diplomat, balancing between two sides. In addition, you are seeking fairness and equality for all and you particularly appreciate talent in any field. Often people around are surprised at the wide range of your interests because you may hide your superior intellect under an agreeable, easygoing exterior.

5 key traits:

  • Balance
  • Diplomacy
  • Fairness
  • Peace
  • Sociability

This is a short interpretation of Sun in Libra. If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or get a personal astropsychological consultation.

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