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SCORPIO. Basics and 5 key traits

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Scorpio is a feminine fixed water sign. The ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. Pluto is associated with transformations, the beginnings and ends of phases in life. The other ruler Mars is associated with passion, assertion, competition.

Scorpio is the sign of inheritance and legacies and might be also called the sign of extremes. With the Sun in Scorpio, individual might be described by using contradictions, such as passionate or cold, powerful or weak, etc. The key to personality is intensity.

If you are Scorpio, you live on many levels and you may be a very deep personality. For instance, for others, it may seem that you always have a hidden agenda. It is also very possible that you feel safe when you control situations. Also, you may have very powerful intuition or you may feel others well. You are deeply loyal, but also may be jealous or possessive, especially in relationships with friends. You are also a fierce competitor.

Clever with money and conservative about spending it, you tend to accomplish things and only then announce. You also might be suspicious at love, but you have great strength and you love deeply. For others, you may seem secretive or detached.

5 key traits:

  • Passion
  • Emotionality
  • Intensity
  • Persistence
  • Regeneration

This is a short interpretation of Sun in Scorpio. If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or get a personal astropsychological consultation.

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