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Astropsychology Session ~ 1 hour


Book Your Personal Astropsychology Session!

The perspective of psychological astrology dictates that every person has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, gifts & challenges. By understanding them, we know where we are naturally strongest or where we might experience difficulties. When looking at the Birth Chart as a map of who we are, we can understand our full potential through self-knowledge.

Astropsychology session can help you to uncover what your Birth Chart suggests. It offers advice, insights, might also suggest a course of action, based on your personal experience!


It’s for You, if:

  • You feel that You want to find out more about yourself and dive deeper to develop yourself as a personality.
  • You seek more personal meaning and fulfillment but feel unaware of your strengths and talents.
  • You want to get a creative, positive outlook and insightful, inspiring experience to understand yourself in a whole new way.
  • You feel that you are at a crossroads in life and need some inspiration on how to proceed.

What You will get:

  • ~1-hour personal session (Astropsychological portrait of your personality – it helps to know yourself in-depth, topics covered include your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges in various spheres of life, relationships, career, AND some information about the upcoming year)
  • Your personalized Birth Chart (printable version in pdf)
  • ~ 20 min follow up with additional questions if requested (After a session, You will have two weeks to contact me again for a free follow-up call with additional questions)

In order to give an accurate consultation, your full date, place, and exact time of birth (max 2-hour estimate) will be required.
Sessions are done online, via Skype or Zoom.

After completing the order, You will get an e-mail in 1-2 days to book the exact time of the consultation. Estimated delivery time for a session can vary (from 3 to 10 weeks). If You have an urgent matter, please send an email to me: storyinyourstars@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT: All services are valid for the period of 6 months after payment and must be used in that time.

It‘s important to note, that the first astropsychology session is not about the predictions, it‘s more about using our inner capacities to learn and grow, it offers insights to develop ourselves and to understand our uniqueness, by at the same time helping to clarify our goals for personal growth or self-improvement and overcome challenging obstacles.

Can’t wait to see You in a session!

Lots of love,

Diamond ♥