About Me

„...Each start of journey may lead us to unexpected places...“

What seemed fascinating for me since school, was that the majority of people I’ve met quite stereotypically corresponded to their Sun signs descriptions (known as Zodiac signs). I loved discovering things about them, I was interested in analyzing and understanding each, and astrology offered tools for that.

The turning point in my journey was reached when I’ve decided to go to the Faculty of Astrological Studies summer school in Oxford. I’ve enjoyed my time there and I’ve met many wonderful, inspirational people. From then, thanks to many people in my close environment who supported me (especially my love ♥), I’ve decided to dive into astrology and psychology fully and I’ve started this blog to share my discoveries with you. Let's see what this journey will bring!

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With love,


My Sun in Aquarius reflects my social, humanitarian side. You can expect open-mindedness when meeting in a session with me.


My Mercury in Capricorn reflects strong work ethic, patience, a sense of responsibility and brings calmness to our sessions.


My Moon in Leo enables me to see the sunny side of life and bring positive emotions to our sessions. 



Sun conjunct Uranus in my chart reflects my passion for Astrology. I feel energized and reflecting my own purpose when analyzing Your Birth Chart. 

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