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by Diamond

The perspective of psychological astrology or astropsychology dictates that every person has his own unique strengths, weaknesses, gifts & challenges… When looking at the birth chart as a map of who we are, we can understand our full potential through self-knowledge. Basic knowledge of yourself helps to care for yourself and others, to know your basic values and emotional needs. You can also empathize and appreciate the uniqueness of those around You.

Astropsychology sessions can help to distinguish your tastes, desires, beliefs, see yourself or others from a further perspective. During the session, clients are encouraged to help themselves and to develop their own strengths. The goal is also to see the whole picture and the whole personality potential.

It may offer advice and insights, suggests a course of action, based on your personal experience. It is an insightful tool for self-discovery, helps to see the higher meaning behind, or makes it easier to see things objectively.

It‘s important to note, that astropsychology offers insights to develop ourselves and to understand our uniqueness, at the same time helping to clarify our goals for personal growth or self-improvement and overcome challenging obstacles. Predictions may also be a part of sessions – the more astropsychologist know of an individual’s background, the more likely he/she will be able to choose the most probable pattern for given details. The birth chart holds a wealth of possibilities and offers itself to our imagination, our inclination to question, explore, discover and decode.

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