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Cancer is a feminine cardinal water sign. The ruling planet is Moon, which is associated with emotions and instinctive behavior. Specifically, Cancer is receptive and sensitive.

Cancer is a sign of home, family, and personal relationships, and feels safe when are at home with those they love. With the Sun in Cancer, the individual is likely to be a loyal, kind, and gentle listener.

If you are a Cancer, you may be complex, and fragile and you need constant support and encouragement from those close to you. Additionally, you also want to be loved and approved. Accordingly, when you get what you need, you give the best in return. However, you are private with your emotions and cautious about revealing too much of yourself to others. You also have an instinct for caring and understanding.

In arguments, you don‘t like to fight directly and can be very emotional when expressing thoughts. Similarly, in relations, you are emotionally attached to people who are close to you and you are always keeping in touch with them.

  • Loyalty
  • Emotionality
  • Sympathy
  • Sensitivity
  • Intuition

Cancer’s willingness to care for others and the sign’s maternal instincts make them perfect for many jobs that entail caring for those in need, whatever that might be. Cancers like to dispense their care in a way and setting that allows them to give individuals undivided attention, such as in therapy. Cancers are often found in many areas of the healthcare system. While enjoying slower-paced jobs, Cancers are vigilant and not prone to panic, so they can do rather well in healthcare jobs slow most of the time but with the potential to get hectic now and then, such as nursing.

Cancers love to work from home, and many will go to some lengths to secure a job that allows them to do this. Ideally, they will run their own business, especially one connected or physically adjacent to their home. On top of that, Cancers might enjoy managing places that provide temporary homes or shelter, such as hotels, motels, various shelters, etc.

Also, Cancers usually enjoy working with children. They might do this as teachers, coaches, or with various jobs in orphanages. It’s common for Cancers to get involved with various forms of social work too.

This is a short interpretation of Sun in Cancer. If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or get a personal astropsychological consultation.


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