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Studying Astrology – What It Looks Like

by Diamond
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Studying astrology

Hi, dear reader!

I’ll tell you a bit more about studying astrology – where it all starts and what you can expect on this journey. Bonus at the end – my five top tips for astrology beginners.

How I started studying astrology

My journey of studying astrology began… at a summer camp in Oxford! It was when I went there, to a camp organized by The Faculty of Astrological Studies, that I realized that I wanted to study astrology from the ground up – to learn everything I could so that I could pass on as much as possible to others.

What I only learned when I started studying astrology was that it should be a lifelong subject, because there is SO MUCH information and knowledge. It‘s almost impossible to learn it all.

What do we learn?

First of all, it is important to understand that astrology is not just about the so-called Sun signs (the zodiac sign that everyone knows by the day they are born). It is a discipline that encompasses history, psychology, and astronomy. In my studies, which lasted four years, we started by analyzing our Birth Chart, which is always the point to which we return (the Birth Chart does not change, it is the only one we have, but it reflects the pattern of our life, the qualities, gifts and challenges we bring with us). In simple words, the birth horoscope reflects the alignment of the planets and celestial bodies at the time and from the place where one was born.

So, when learning astrology, we delve into the most important elements: the planets, the signs, the houses, the aspects. These four elements encode the most important symbols of astrology and by learning how to interpret them, we analyze horoscopes. In the beginning, we also try to remember as many associations as possible, keywords that relate to the symbols, until eventually, it all sinks into our memory.

There is a lot of reflection, and analysis of yourself and your family members, which helps you to absorb the information and understand how astrology works. In this sense, astrology is a tool for self-knowledge and empowerment. Every birth horoscope is unique and can be interpreted differently.

The next step, which actually comes much later, is forecasting. Here we analyze cycles, periods of growth, and transformation by learning various techniques – transits, progressions, directives, solars, lunar returns, etc.

My 5 tips if you’re starting to learn astrology
  1. Start with analyzing Your personal Birth Chart – it’s the starting point of all the studies of astrology. Understand the symbols, planets, aspects, and areas there (search for the natal/birth chart on the internet to generate yours; use accurate birth time and place). At this point, it’s also useful to make some notes for Yourself with the meaning of symbols and have them nearby until You memorize them.
  2. Read as many books as You’ll find. If You really want to get into the subject, books are a crucial source of information.
  3. Analyze Your personal transits (movements of the planets), try to write Your personal COSMOS diary – it’s a perfect way to align with the planetary energies and understand how they’re working in reality. It is also the starting point for working with predictions.
  4. Practice with other charts of people You know – ask your friends, family, and colleagues for their birth data – repeat the process the same way as you did with yourself – you’ll have the ability to observe how astrology works for others.
  5. Stay curious, have patience, and remember that learning astrology is a never-ending process!

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