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The Psychological Approach to Astrology

by Diamond
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Psychological astrology receives its driving force from Carl Jung’s analytical psychology. The defining attribute of a psychological approach to astrology is its focus on integrating the Birth Chart into reality. At the same time, it is supporting the human potential for growth and change. From a psychological perspective, astrology is implicitly a personality theory. In psychology, an astrological chart can help to see a different perspective on Your life.

Psychology adds a flavor of personality and personal subjective experiences. As Clare Martin said, “But of course it is not the events themselves which are of interest, but how we engage with them and what we do with them which is the challenge and the purpose of our psychological approach to astrology.”

In other words, Your personal EXPERIENCE, REACTIONS, and THOUGHTS are very important. With this viewpoint, we can look for suggestions from the Birth Chart, but it is also important to know, that everyone can make different decisions in life, and sometimes it is very hard to make exact predictions. A human being is actually the least predictable because he is capable of unlimited responses.

Astrology presents us with a language that precisely describes the unique combination of universal factors, which are operating within each. The emphasis in the modern use of astrology or astropsychology should be working with, applying, or modifying the natal energy. The goal is the most positive expression of energies that can be manifested. Astropsychological sessions can help to identify our uniqueness from a universal perspective and helps to implement it in Your life.

Astropsychology sessions

Astropsychological session is also quite different from the purely astrological or psychological one. The point of an astropsychology session is to have a conversation (about You!) using Your Birth Chart as a helpful guide & instrument.

Your Birth Chart identifies the nature of energies and patterns, but exactly how You are experiencing and expressing them is unique to You. Conversation helps to understand Your personal experience with Your potential energies and helps to dive deeper into Your Birth Chart. It is also important to ask questions during the session, as well as to share Your thoughts, ideas.

“At base, it is a form of relationship between human life and the world, a relationship in which we LEARN ABOUT OURSELVES by observing the sky”. Thomas Moore

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