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The Water Element in Astrology (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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Astrologically, the element of water exemplifies a variety of emotions and feelings we’re capable of. In the Zodiac, this element is associated with Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.

The three water signs are the most sensitive and intuitive. They are also incredibly emphatic, as they can feel the emotions of others instinctively.

Water signs are in touch with their feelings and may notice subtle energies that many others don‘t even spot. The water element represents realm of deep emotions and feelings, which can range from passion to fear, from compulsive acceptance to an overwhelming anger. They are the most in tune with their personal emotions, able to help others by empathetic responses to the feelings of others. When they are not aware of their own feelings, they may feel irrational, oversensitive, unstable.

In fact, the sensitivity of water signs is indeed huge, and their vulnerability to hurt is expressed. If the emotional reactions are not controlled and channeled properly, it can lead to a state of emotional instability.

These signs also often have intense dreams and security of their emotions is important to them. They feel most fulfilled when they are helping others, they may be very emotional and nurturing. They base their actions on sense, rather than on logic or intellect.

Water signs are therefore happiest when their feelings are channeled and shared with others. They tend to seem calm on the outside, they are the ones constantly diving into their emotions and unconsciously cultivating emotional storms.

The water signs know instinctively that they must protect themselves from outside influences in order to assure themselves the inner calm. This is necessary for deep reflection and subtlety of perception. The realization of the true nature of their emotions might be a slow or even painful process.


Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which may actively explore emotional connections. They are the most empathetic of the signs, their emotions are fast-moving, can erupt unexpectedly. They will pursue emotional security and nurture, protect the ones they are connected to. From all signs, Cancers are considered to be the most home-loving sign.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Scorpio‘s emotions are extreme, deep, mysterious. This zodiac sign is the most emotionally receptive and the most emotionally secretive of all. Emotions for this sign is controlled, but extreme inside. They can be intuitive, stubborn, are also known to be loyal, might also possess jealousy.


Pisces is a mutable water sign. Their emotions know no boundaries and can‘t be contained. They are very intuitive and can recognize different emotions of others. Pisces also have a deep empathy for others and are compassionate. They can be also called dreamy, imaginative, romantic.

People with the dominant element of water in the chart:

  • Intuitive, empathetic
  • Artistic and imaginative
  • Nurturing, receptive
  • Understanding, helpful
  • Moody, emotional
  • May want to escape reality, are dreamy

This is a short interpretation of the Water element. However, it is worth noting, that the balance of the elements in the whole chart is important. (For example, Your Sun sign might be Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, BUT the dominant element in the chart is Fire, Earth or Air, then the qualities of these elements are applied to You )

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