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Why is Astrology More Popular Now

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Astrology has been around for thousands of years. While it is no longer a scholarly tradition, many people continue studying the influence of celestial bodies. There‘s a clear growth of interest in astrological topics over the past years, and it seems that the popularity of this discipline is still rapidly growing. We can see that from tons of horoscopes in the mass media, apps for tracking Your personal transits, memes, videos, tests for compatibility. While horoscopes or the Sun sign‘s compatibility is only a little piece of the complicated discipline, it indicates that people are intrigued by the cosmos and are trying to learn the language of the stars. Why do people find it so fascinating, particularly now?

Uncertainty Around

With so much stress and uncertainty around us, people are looking for methods to make sense of chaotic and uncontrollable circumstances. Feeling out of control in the surroundings may be one of the most stressful modes for a human being. The discipline of astrology may not give concrete answers (though sometimes it does), but it can provide meaningful explanations. It can also add some reassurance, bring comfort, reduce feelings of stress by at least letting know what might happen, or why something is happening. Astrology may help by bringing at a sense of some certainty or adding some calmness to Your life.

It is common to turn to astrology when facing stressful situations in life or experiencing personal crises. People coming to astrology sessions share that it helps to minimize tension or worry. They also find comfort in knowing, that they‘re not alone and there‘re others who experience similar periods of life.

Better Understanding of Oneself

Another huge topic nowadays is self-realization. People are looking for different ways to know their mission, purpose, in order to feel fulfillment. The feeling of fulfillment encourages You to look for different sources of knowledge and to find Your own unique path. Astrology can offer tools to look at Yourself from a different perspective and increase Your self-awareness. The nature of this discipline encourages more self-reflection as well as gives some insights on where to focus more. Astrology can help to find the right words to describe yourself as a whole, full personality. Sometimes people don’t know what they’re looking for and they try to understand astrology out of curiosity. They usually find the experience to be reassuring, bringing some calmness and providing a possibility to see oneself from a different perspective.

New Age of Aquarius

The increasing popularity of astrology is also referred to by astrologers as the New Age of Aquarius. What does it really mean? The beginning of this period is usually associated with the winter solstice of 2020, with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. While the exact starting date of this new age is debatable, it is clear that we‘re now in the age of innovation, technological advancements, humanity, freedom, justice, as well as astrology. ♥ The Age of Aquarius may be associated with progressive, forward-thinking, so maybe it‘s a perfect time for You too to engage in this future-oriented discipline?

Astrology is one place that could provide answers, direction, and meaning. It‘s a great start to reflect on who we are and what we need.

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