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How to motivate Yourself – check Your Mars sign too!

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What makes You keep moving? When do You feel that Your energy level is high, You’re inspired and enthusiastic? Have You noticed the circumstances or activities You’re involved in? There are so many things that can motivate each of us, and they are usually unique for everyone.

However, as with everything else, Your Birth Chart might suggest some insights on this topic. If You’re familiar with Your Birth Chart, check not only Your Sun sign but also Your Mars sign. This planet represents the way we assert ourselves or attack and defend, as well as our inner drive, the way we pursue our goals, the ways we are motivated. It’s the planet of ACTION.  

These two positions (of Your Sun sign and Mars sign) might suggest to You some ideas on how to stay inspired, enthusiastic, and move forward, especially during periods of low energy.

Check what’s the best way to motivate Yourself, according to Your Zodiac sign:


You’re motivated by using Your physical body, going after the things You’re passionate about. Do some sports, start something NEW. New experiences and new things overall, as well as reaching Your personal goals will fill You up with energy. Think about Yourself first and go after things that thrill You, use Your innovativeness.


Pleasure and comfort are the things that motivate You above all else. Bake Your favorite cake, listen to Your favorite song, have a walk in nature. You love to enjoy or buy some beautiful things You value. The process of cooking might as well fill You up with more energy and bring peace. Physical security may also be a huge motivation for You.


Network, communicate, socialize, keep the mental stimulation! New languages, new people, new studies create a variety for You, which makes You move forward. Share Your knowledge with others, be a messenger, keep the youthfulness. Be open to the suggestions of others, accept the feedback. Peaceful relations with siblings may also motivate You.


You’re motivated by Your own emotional needs. Do some things where You take care of Your body, eat Your favorite food, drink lots of water. Spending some time with Your loved ones, connecting with Your Mother (at least in Your mind) might be the things that inspire You. Go and see Your family, visit Your favorite childhood places, look through Your memories in photos, write down Your dreams.


You love the concept of creativity, passion, expression. Express Yourself, attract some attention from others. Do anything that brings You joy and enthusiasm. Spending some time with children and releasing Your inner child might also be a wonderful idea to spark up Your motivation. Lastly, spend some time shopping, be generous and warm with others. You might be motivated by gift-giving too!


You may be motivated by constantly analyzing, being organized, making plans before taking action. It is also important for You to take care of Your body, have Your preferable routine. Though You like to make things structured, it might be useful for You to take a break from all the lists You have to do. Leave Your phone and computer behind, take a break and rest, analyze Yourself.


You feel motivation when creating harmony, equality, and peace in Your relationships. You might also be inspired by engaging more with other people, being a wonderful host. When there are people, connections, You are driven to share Your ideas and concepts with others, You also like hearing opinions from others, when they encourage You, You feel motivated. Also engage more with art, culture, dancing.


Scorpios might be secretive with the things that motivate them. They may love to discover some hidden or secretive, mysterious things. It’s important for You to cultivate transforming energy, as transformations overall are making You stronger. Some careful investments that pay off may also be a source of energy and inspiration for You.


You can be the one who is open-minded to others’ beliefs and exploring them, as well as different cultures. Read more books to widen Your worldview, get outdoors, go camping in the wild. Discovering, questioning the meaning of life might also motivate You. Add some spontaneity and do some sports, if You feel that You’re not inspired at the moment.


You’re motivated by making long-term plans, but make sure to motivate Yourself with small successes. It’s important for You to set small milestones to achieve too, take the huge pressure off Yourself. Say to Yourself that You’re good enough even without Your goals! Another source of motivation for You – facing Your fears, feeling Your maturity.


You’re motivated by Your friendships, freedom, ability to connect. Spend some time with Your friends, inspire them and share Your connectedness. You may also feel motivated within Your community when unifying people and sharing Your originality. Original, new ideas or unusual, eccentric things may also inspire You.


You want to flow naturally into Your goals. You need to give Yourself time to feel things through, be on Your own. Look for emotional support from others. You might be very sensitive to everything that goes on around You, don’t judge Yourself for it. Breathe, let Yourself dream and wonder, relax, listen to Your favorite song.  

This is a short interpretation of the motivation theme, based on Your Sun and Mars signs. However, it is worth noting, that the positions of the whole chart are important too.

If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or book a personal astropsychology session.

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