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What is the Big 3 in Astrology

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Understanding Your full Natal or Birth Chart can be quite complicated and studying it may take a lot of time. However, there are some basic things from where You can start. The wonderful first approach would be to know Your “Big 3” – these are the most important and most personal placements in Your chart. When someone interested in astrology asks You, what’s Your big 3 – tell them Your Sun sign, Your Moon sign, and Your Rising sign (the Ascendant).

Your Sun sign

The Sun sign is the sign everyone is familiar with – You know this from Your birthday. It shows how the Sun is moving through the Zodiac through the year as each day of the year is assigned with one of the 12 zodiac signs. For example, if  You were born at the end of January or in February, Your Sun is in the Aquarius sign. Most people know their Sun sign as it’s the one You look for when You read daily or weekly horoscopes. The Sun sign describes what motivates us, what is our path, it can also help to determine personal strengths and challenges. The traits of the Sun are also usually developed and expressed later in life. It’s important to integrate the energy of Your Sun in order to fulfill Your purpose and grow into the personality You’re meant to be.

Your Moon

The Moon sign in Astrology represents deep emotions, the things that You possibly don’t share with others. In order to figure out in what sign the Moon was when You’re born, You should know Your exact birth time and place. The position of the Moon in Your Birth chart helps to describe Your feelings, emotions, Your subjective experiences of life. It may also represent how You react, what makes You feel secure, how You need to be nurtured or how You take care of others. In some ways, this is the most personal position and it can say a lot about Your inner personality.  

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant)

The rising sign (also known as Ascendant) is based on the exact time You were born and it changes approximately every two hours. The Ascendant is the exact degree of the Zodiac that is rising at the moment of your birth. In order to know it, You will also need to know Your exact birth time and place.  You can find it on the left side of  Your chart and it shows the Eastern Horizon. It represents how other people perceive You or what is the “mask” You display in society, how You experience new things. For example, someone with the Taurus rising may be perceived by others as a practical, conservative person. They might also be the ones who will seek comfort over risk in every new situation.

If Your Sun and Rising Sign is in the same sign (if You were born at sunrise), You’ll feel the energy even stronger and You may easily identify yourself with the traits of this one Zodiac sign.

Analyzing Your BIG 3 can give You deeper insights about Your personality, as well as help to ultimately understand Yourself. Well, at least it’s a perfect place to start!

If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or book a personal astropsychology session. Can’t wait to see You!

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