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Personality Based on Your Birthday or PERSONOLOGY

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More than ever, we are aware of the different personalities of each. It’s in the center of attention at the workplace when managing relations of the employees, it’s also popular to consider it when choosing what to study, what career to seek, or even choosing your new home style. There are types of personalities, based on the behavior, feelings, emotions, or Zodiac sign. However, we could also be aware of the personal qualities based on the day we were born – personology explains it.


A new concept proposed to this kind of study of personality is personology and is described in depth by Gary Goldschneider and Joos Elffers. Personology holds that not only there are certain types of people born at various times of the year, but even specifically on certain days. By looking at the characteristics of many people born on a given day, and correlating what we know about them with basic principles of psychology and astrology, personology seeks to explore certain recurring ideas, actions, concepts, themes which those born on this day are seemingly fated to encounter.


This day-to-day guide to personality is mostly based on psychology, astrology, and numerology. Just by knowing the date of birth, you can gain some knowledge about yourself, your friends, or your loved ones. The approach can be considered to be similar to the Sun sign’s horoscope, which is based on the day you were born, but it is also much more accurate. Here are some of the things which you can uncover:

  • Personal strengths
  • Personal weaknesses
  • Main issues/topics in life
  • Sources of motivation
  • Number you are ruled by

Thus, bringing astrology, psychology, and numerology together in cycles or spirals – stressing evolutionary rather than static models for the individual is at the heart of personology. The personality types presented under the twelve signs are flexible and changing and can be specified by approaching the month and day when the person was born. It can be one of many tools to dive deeper into your personality and to know yourself better.

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