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Your Lunar Return

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Every month each of us has one Lunar Return – it happens when the Moon returns to the sign and position it was when You were born. The cycle of the Moon through the Zodiac signs lasts approximately 27 days until it returns to the same position. That means You have Your Lunar Return on the different days of the month.

The Lunar Return is like a personal New Moon phase or it might be also called Your monthly birthday. Each month the Moon gives You re-birth energy and a chance to renew Yourself with all the opportunities and Your potential. The cycle represents a new beginning and is based on the premise that everything that You‘ve started flows from the initial conditions. In other words, the beginning of the cycle is the foundation of the whole month.

Observing and working with Your Lunar Return is the way of aligning Your life with Cosmic energies. It‘s not only a beautiful inspiring time for You, it also describes the emotional impact of the planets or the planetary energies which they will have on You for the upcoming month. You can find out the energies that will be important for You, as well as the emphasized spheres of life.

How to know when is Your Lunar Return?

  • Check Your Moon sign in the Natal Chart
  • Check when the Moon will be in that sign (use the information about planetary transits)
Things to do during Your Lunar Return

Lunar Return is the time of peak creative activity when we can effectively use our gifts and talents. It‘s the best time to recharge Yourself, correct some habits, set up new routines, learn something new. You might also be drawn to clean and organize Your surroundings, write down Your dreams as well as journal, create vision boards. Use the two days when Moon is in Your sign to set Your intentions, think positively about the future. Be mindful of Your intuition which is also very strong during that time.

Lunar Returns Monthly Forecasts

If You want to be very precise, the degree of the Moon (in Your Birth Chart) is also important when following Your personal Lunar cycle. It‘s usually done with astrological software, but it‘s possible to find some apps that might be useful in the process. You can check when the Moon will be in the same degree as in Your Birth Chart. Based on that data, a chart can be cast for each month. From it, we can read some insightful things about our personal journey and the month ahead. The chart of a Lunar Return can be read as a forecast of the month ahead and it gives us some notes and help on how to navigate down the road. Once you’ve got a picture of the challenges and energies to come, you can make the most of the month!

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