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Aquarius is a masculine fixed air sign. The ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is associated with changes, disruption, and the unconventional. The other ruler Saturn is associated with obstacles, limitations, and restrictions. Therefore, Aquarius is independent, progressive, and analytical.

Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, wishes, and friends. With the Sun in Aquarius, individuals might be idealistic humanitarians, concerned with the larger issues of the world. However, in personal relationships, Aquarians may be detached.

If you are Aquarius, you are an innovative, unconventional, original person. Intellectual independence is your most marked characteristic and you like to be different. Your personality is liberal and progressive but fixed with opinion. In addition, you may ignore what others think and strike on new paths, you like discovering. Boredom is the thing you try to avoid. It may seem that your personality is paradoxical. For instance, you enjoy being with people but also like being alone. You love traveling, but you also feel energized when relaxing at home.

Your mind is also both – scientific and artistic. With most things, you have your own opinion and you like to share your ideas. You’re a rational seeker of wisdom and you are objective in judgment. However, most of your activities are people-oriented and you’re addicted to the study of human beings.

  • Friendliness
  • Originality
  • Freedom
  • Independency
  • Innovativeness

If a job allows Aquarius to use their individual talents and employ their intellectual prowess, then they will probably enjoy the work. Aquarians will be the most productive when they are in a workplace that fosters and encourages their creativity, imagination, and ability to think outside the box.

Since Aquarians like to be intellectually stimulated, they feel right at home in positions where they get to learn a lot of things. Aquarians are often scientists and researchers of all sorts. These jobs can also satisfy another passion that Aquarius has, which is their humanitarianism and a strong drive to make a positive change in the world.

All Aquarians like intellectual stimulation, but their interests will vary, and that stimulus can come from different sources. Whereas one Aquarian might find this thrill in science, another might have an interest in people and their troubles, leading them to become a therapist, counselor, or something similar. Aquarians can make excellent team players too, but they need to be assured that their contribution will be acknowledged when the job is done.

This is a short interpretation of the Sun in Aquarius. If you want to get a detailed personal interpretation of all other positions at your exact birth time, you should analyze your personal Birth Chart or get a personal astropsychological consultation.


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