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5 Tips for Learning Astrology

by Diamond
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I‘ve been interested in astrology for more than 7 years now and I‘m still studying the subject in the Faculty of Astrological Studies (in London). What I‘ve noticed during this time is that astrology is a structured and orderly system, with its own principles. If You‘re open to new knowledge, You‘ll see that this subject has a huge amount of knowledge to offer. There‘s a beautiful saying about astrology that it‘s a “language – if You understand the language, the sky speaks to You.“

 If You‘ve decided to take an independent route for learning the language of astrology, You‘re doing it at the right time! With so much information available now it‘s getting easier and easier to learn astrology. What I can surely say, that it‘s worth the effort!

My personal tips so far:
  1. Start with analyzing Your personal Birth Chart – it’s the starting point of all the studies of astrology. Understand the symbols, planets, aspects, areas there (search for the natal chart/birth chart on the interned to generate Yours; use Your accurate birth time and place). At this point, it’s also useful to make some notes for Yourself with the meaning of symbols and have it nearby until You’ll memorize them.
  2. Read as many books as You’ll find. If You really want to get into the subject, books are the crucial source of information. My favourite ones at the beginning was of the authors of Lisa Green, Dane Rudhyar, Howard Sasportas.
  3. Analyze Your personal transits (movements of the planets), try to write Your personal cosmos diary – it’s a perfect way to align with the planetary energies and understand how they’re working in reality. It is also the starting point for working with predictions. Collecting Your memoirs of what happened in Your life and looking at it retrospectively is also really useful to analyze.
  4. Practice with other charts of people You know – ask Your friends, family, colleagues for their birth data – repeat the process same way as You did with Yourself – You’ll have the ability to observe how astrology works for others.
  5. Stay curious, have patience, and remember that learning astrology is a never ending process! It’s a real answer to the question how long does it take to learn astrology? There’s ALWAYS something new to learn here.

I‘m so interested, how this journey goes for You! Write me Your thoughts/tips/experiences with learning astrology, we‘ll have some things to discuss!:)

Lots of love,


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